Meet the Heyday Makers!

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Paula Lane
Day-of Coordinator

Hometown: Richmond, BC

Favourite Wedding Dessert: Tiramisu

My shopping addiction: Buying online so I don't have to go the malls!

Perfect date night: Mini donuts and carnival rides at a fair

Favourite Brunch Spot: Spoons Diner

If I wasn’t a wedding planner, I’d be: working behind the scenes in film/TV production


Hailey Cooke
Day-of Coordinator

Hometown: Victoria BC

Favourite Wedding Dessert: chocolate truffles

My shopping addiction: things for my kitchen!

Perfect date night: home, in front of a fire with a great bottle of wine and an epic charcuterie platter

Favourite Brunch Spot: Shine Cafe

If I wasn’t a wedding planner, I’d be: a sommelier in the Napa valley or the Okanagan valley


Bonnie Weyerman
Day-of Coordinator

Hometown: Victoria BC

Favourite Wedding Dessert: the late night snacks (taco bar, poutine, etc... I’m all about the snacks)

My shopping addiction: lululemon and house plants

Perfect date night: walking around a new city and restaurant hopping for appies and wine all night long

Favourite Brunch Spot: Agrius and Northern Quarter!

If I wasn’t a wedding planner, I’d be: A police officer 


Barb Walker
Owner & Founder

Hometown: Victoria, BC

Favourite Wedding Dessert: Rice Krispie Squares!

My shopping addiction: Dresses, dresses & more dresses

Perfect date night: Tie between splitting a bottle of wine at home on the couch and going out for cocktails with the hubby.  Both clearly include drinking…lol!

Favourite Brunch Spot: The Village

If I wasn’t a wedding planner, I’d be: Interior Designer

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 8.32.54 PM.png